The First Digital Twin in Serbia

TeamCAD engineers were involved in the creation and development of the first Digital Twin in Serbia. It was made for a well-known shopping center "SAD NOVI BAZAAR", located in the center of Novi Sad, in the pedestrian area. It is considered one of the go-to places for shopping, spread over 4 levels and 9.000 square meters of commercial real estate. Today, "SAD NOVI BAZAAR" Shopping mall is managed by Mat-real Estate, part of Matijevic company from Novi Sad.

What is „The Digital Twin“?

Before we describe challenges on a project and steps made to solve them, let us remind ourselves that "digital twin is an identical copy of the existing or designed building (or object) in digital format", as mentioned in the article „Digital Twins In The Construction Industry“.  Further in the article we can find out why they are used for: „Primarily, digital twins were used to estimate the cost of maintaining different components, systems, circuits, and buildings by making various simulations of phenomena and processes that would occur on existing objects using their digital format replicas.“

Project challenges

Some of the standard challenges when managing this type of objects were:

  • Providing energy efficiency of the object and lower AC costs
  • Having exact information about the quantity and locations of the equipment (AC systems elements, fire protection systems, electrical installations...)
  • Information about the warranties, service intervals, life expectancy for the above-mentioned equipment.
  • Real-time information about the real estate renting possibilities and vacancies for potential commercial clients.
  • In case that the clients adapt rented space, they need to promptly access information about the movable and immovable walls.
  • In case of any changes in the building or inside the building, accordingly entering new data in the 3D model and technical documentation.

The additional challenge was the fact that the original building was designed by an architect Milan Mihelič in the now distant 1972, so there was no existing digital documentation.

Solution for the problem

As TeamCAD and Matijević companies are successfully cooperating for years, while TeamCAD`s Novi Sad branch office is situated in the business part of the "SAD NOVI BAZAAR" Shopping mall, we have decided to continue our partnership on this project as well.

We have created the first phase of the building`s Digital Twin model and used the latest technologies, which enable the user to view and move through the Digital Twin object, using just an internet browser. There is no need whatsoever to install any type of 3D software. Technologies and software used for completing this project, amongst others, were: Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Forge, Autodesk Vault.

If you would like to take a walk through the Digital Twin model of the "SAD NOVI BAZAAR" Shopping mall please click here



As early adopters of the newest technologies, TeamCAD made this digital twin a part of VR environment. Interested? Take a look at the video of the „SAD NOVI BAZAAR“ Digital Twin in virtual reality by following this link

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