TeamCAD IoT - Status i potrošnja električnih uređaja

In the previous Internet of Things (IoT) video, we demonstrated how you can use an application based on Autodesk Forge to control electrical appliances. TeamCAD's Development Director, Vladimir Gutesa, was controlling the AC unit, that was behind his back, so you could easily see if the unit was powered on or off.

After posting the mentioned video and article, we received lots of comments, and in a couple of them questioned “How can you be sure that the AC unit is on or off if you are not in the room?”.

Our development team sat down to deal with this challenge and finally solved it by adding another sensor based on the Hall effect.
The Hall effect is the production of a voltage difference (the Hall voltage) across an electrical conductor that is transverse to an electric current in the conductor and to an applied magnetic field perpendicular to the current.

Now we are not just able to show the status of electrical appliances, but also power consumption.


We had the opportunity to participate in a Data Center project to verify air distribution using Autodesk CFD.

The requirement is that we have proper cold air distribution around all electrical equipment. The room where equipment is stored is small, and the total cooling demand is 0.5 MW.

Because the room is small and has a lot of equipment, we had to check and suggest the position of the equipment to avoid problems with the air distribution. After reducing the level of detail and simplifying the geometry, we quickly switched the geometry from Revit to Autodesk CFD using Revit add-in. After setting all boundary conditions and creating a mesh.

The analysis showed that in a room with the proposed dimensions, the defined position of the equipment, and inlet boundary conditions, it is impossible to meet the temperature in front of each server.

We launched the analysis, and through several different scenarios, we obtained the following results:

Velocity planes at air discharge height:

Temperature planes at 1.5m from the floor:

If there is a need for the CFD simulation and analysis on the project you are working on TeamCADs engineers are at your disposal.
You can contact us directly by phone +381 11 301 5043 or via contact form.

The author of the article:
Nenad Kovacevic, M.Sc. Mech.Eng.
Autodesk Revit MEP: Mechanical Certified Professional
Supporting consulting and implementation of Revit MEP and BIM services to the clients
Training and support to companies using Autodesk CFD program

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