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Transoft Solutions

Canadian company Transoft Solutions Inc., since 1991 has been producing software solutions for automatized design in the fields of infrastructure, transport and civil engineering. Transoft Solutions products have become the de facto standard of the departments of transportation of many state and national agencies throughout the world. Their purpose as a software company is to provide transportation professionals with productivity-enhancing tools they can trust, giving them the confidence to build the safest and most efficient roads, ports, airports and rail systems with a possibility for good visualization. 

TeamCAD is authorized reseller of Transoft Solutions for Serbia.

Useful address: www.transoftsolutions.com

 Transoft  Solutions product software for following fields:

  • Vehicle Turn Simulation
  • Road & Intersection Design
  • Site Design
  • Signage & Marking
  • Traffic
  • Airside Design & Operations
  • Fast-Time Airport Capacity Simulation
  • Obstacle Limitation Analysis


Vehicle Swept Path Analysis & Turn Simulation

The AutoTURN software line takes all the guesswork away and allows designers to explore more 'what-if scenarios' without adding extra design time. Conflicts are highlighted and corrected in a fraction of the time the manual process requires. 



Road and Intersection Designing

Civil and transportation engineering professionals can plan, design, evaluate and visualize their roadway and highway projects with greater efficiency than ever before. From new road construction to rehabilitation work, our flexible solutions accelerate the design process.



Site Design & Development

From the initial planning stage right through to the final design-build phase, our site design software provides engineers and developers the means to quickly create and check different layouts using optimum workflow processes.



Signage and Marking

Our practical and affordable solutions allow federal and state governments to reduce spending, boost efficiencies, and improve productivity. 




OTISS is the world's first cloud-based trip generation software and marks the beginning of a comprehensive suite of on-demand solutions. OTISS, which stands for Online Traffic Impact Analysis Study Software, is the result of a close collaboration between Transoft Solutions and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). 

Transportation professionals can access ITE trip generation data anywhere to help in traffic impact assessments for multi-use land development. Now trip generation analysis, trip internalization, and pass-by trips can be completed all online without the need of manual calculations and spreadsheets.


Airside Design & Operations

Transoft Solutions’ airside design and operations software solutions deliver the latest technology to ensure that even the most complex apron, taxiway or runway planning or operations tasks can be taken on with confidence and the assurance that accurate results will follow.



Fast-time Airport Capacity Simulation

ArcPORT offers advanced features for simulating and evaluating airport terminal, airside and landside processes and systems. The software provides users such as airport operators, airlines, traffic controllers, consultants and civil aviation authorities a platform to analyze and visualize flows of passengers, aircraft, vehicles, baggage and cargo, within the airport infrastructure, in fast time. 

Simulating, visualizing and evaluating process or system changes, infrastructure modification or expansion requirements or other what-if scenarios ultimately allows stakeholders to make more informed decisions, before incurring significant costs. With ArcPORT, consequences from managerial choices can be examined and tested virtually, to predict the future performance of key performance indicators and minimize the potential for costly mistakes.


Obstacle Limitation Analysis

Of critical importance to every airport is guaranteeing safe operations through the protection of departure and approach paths. SkySAFE™ assists with this challenge by allowing planners to control the multitude of existing or potential obstacles in an airport’s surrounding environment against a range of regulatory guidelines.


References for Transoft Solutions software solutions in Serbia and Montenegro are the following companies: Aerodrom Nikola Tesla – Beograd, Mašinoprojekt – Beograd, Parking Servis – Beograd, Agencija za Civilno Vazduhoplovstvo – Podgorica, etc.