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Digital Twin is a digital replica of physical data, processes, systems and digital simulation of reality, which can be used for various purposes.

In order to create the Digital Twin we use Autodesk Revit together with Dynamo, empowering them with Python scripts for additional options and flexibility.

Autodesk Forge

One of the issues with Digital Twins is the fact that the power of Digital Twins stays trapped inside of original Revit model. Usually, only limited number of people have access to this original model, because they need to fulfill a number of requirements to be able to read data – they need to have installed and licensed version of Revit, a computer capable to work with such complex models, they need to know to use Revit software and to have access to Revit file and security privileges in order to use it.

So, to make a Digital Twin and its extensive data available to a large number of users, we have developed a Web application to make this simple and easily accessible.

Digital Twins - app development

The web application is based on a relatively new platform - Autodesk Forge. The building model was created in Revit, then converted to a Web acceptable form, using Autodesk Forge.

The rest of the development was done with some of the popular web development tools, such as JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Node, Node express…

With provided web application, users can access the Digital Twin from any modern internet browser - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge. Our recommendation for the browser choice is Google Chrome.

Provided images are showing first Digital Twin in Serbia – shopping center “Sad Novi Bazaar”, created in cooperation with Matijevic company (owner of the building), from Novi Sad. More information about building and cooperation is available on our Digital Twins page.

The Digital Twin Web application is providing tools to access information about the object, to isolate parts of the object, walk through the model…

You can access the application on the web address:

Digital twins Web app

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