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AutoCAD Mechanical

The right solution for users who do not want to customize AutoCAD, but want a ready and modern, integrated tool for 2D  in manufacturing. An impressive library of over millions of standard elements, additional drawing routines, perfect hatching, dimensioning, calculations and the production of 2D technical documentation is definitely a strong argument for using this program.

AutoCAD Mechanical contains a complete AutoCAD. AutoCAD Mechanical has associativity with Inventor part files. In the program, it is possible to open Inventor part or assembly file, create technical documentation with projections, views, details, etc. The dimensions are automatically drawn based on the parameters from the part of the file.

The purpose of the program is to completely customize the mode and appearance of AutoCAD, the needs of 2D design, design or drawing in mechanical engineering. The improvement is reflected in customized commands for drawing and editing of typical objects such as auxiliary lines, special line types, dimensioning, hatching, layering, creation and manipulation of 2D assemblies and technical documentation, drawing notes, etc. Different calculations of machine elements (calculations of springs, bearings, shafts, etc.) and several million standard mechanical elements in accordance with 18 different industrial standards are incorporated in the program. During the installation of the program, it is possible to select different industry standards for standard machine elements, including ISO, DIN, ANSI, AFNOR, SS, SCN, SNS, UNI, JIS, BS, GOST, etc.

AutoCAD Mechanical: 

  • Enables complete original DWG format
  • It is based on standards
  • Designed to create 2D drawings and designs
  • It contains intelligent engineering tools

After independent productivity research compared to AutoCAD, the advantages of AutoCAD Mechanical are:

  • Drawing and marking is 55% faster
  • In designing and engineering tasks it is 85% faster
  • Reducing the number of necessary commands to perform a specific task is 60%