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AutoCAD Electrical

When designing machines or products that are running, electrical control is probably a key component of design requirements. Electricity designers usually rely on specific, custom-made applications to complete their jobs. This can cause certain problems because such applications require a manual basis for electrical schemes, which can lead to errors in the project. Also, such applications do not provide an easy way to share project information that ultimately can cost the company time and money.

AutoCAD Electrical, part of Autodesk's family, was designed specifically for creating and editing electrical control projects. It contains the tools needed for quick and precise design and change of electrical control systems with significant cost reduction.

Benefits of Autodesk  Electrical compared to AutoCAD:

  • Comprehensive Symbol Libraries
  • Automatic Wire Numbering and Component Tagging
  • Automatic Project Reports
  • Real-Time Error Checking
  • Real-Time Coil and Contact Cross-Referencing
  • Create Smart Panel Layout Drawings
  • Electrical-Specific Drafting Features
  • Automatically Create PLC I/O Drawings from Spreadsheets
  • Share Drawings with Customers and Suppliers and Track Their Changes
  • Reuse Existing Drawings

 Download the file in PDF format.