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Autodesk Advance Steel

Advance Steel (AS) is a software application for 3D modeling and detailing of steel structures based on the AutoCAD platform. A wide range of tools provide faster and more precise modeling processes, drawing and schedule creation. Advance Steel-Revit link allows bidirectional information exchange between the two. This insures that both models are up to date and reduces the overall time needed for coordination reviews.


Modeling structural elements

Advance Steel tools are developed for fast and efficient modeling and genesis of BIM models that provides creation of complete technical documentation from given model. Together with available libraries software provides:

  • Basic components such as frames, braces, concrete foundations and similar,
  • Library of standard sections,
  • Various roof systems,
  • Common steel elements (stairs, railings, ladders and similar),
  • Complex folded plates (conical, twisted),
  • Welded, bent and different cross-section beams,
  • Plate editing tools,
  • Typical steel connections macros.

Steel connections

Besides the library of macro-driven connections (which contain over 300 types), connections can be created by combining the following elements:

  • Plates and beams,
  • Bolts, anchors, and shear studs,
  • Weld (point/line).

All custom connections created in Advance Steel can be saved and later reused.

Detailing and documentation

  • Creation of single part or assembly part drawings,
  • Automatic generation of drawings using processes,
  • All elements are automatically tagged and annotated,
  • Unfolded plates and beams,
  • Automatic view creation after drawing section line or similar detail,
  • Ability to change drawing scale, crop view and element visibility within a drawing,
  • Adding annotations in drawing,
  • Adding tags,
  • Bill of materials, saw list, part list, etc.,
  • NC file creation.