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Raster Design


AutoCAD Raster Design software is one of the leading raster applications for design professionals in any industry who need to use or reuse scanned paper drawings, maps, satellite images, aerial photos, digital elevation models (DEMs), and similar digital data in the course of their design projects. Raster Design is the Autodesk® solution for managing, converting, analyzing, and editing all types of raster images in AutoCAD® software and applications based on AutoCAD.  

Improve decision making and enhance communications by using AutoCAD Raster Design software to get the most from raster data, while enhancing designs, plans, presentations, and maps. Raster Design enables you to incorporate and edit information from scanned paper drawings, maps, aerial photos, digital elevation models, satellite imagery, and similar digital design data in projects.

Get projects approved faster by creating drawings and presenting proposals that integrate information rich plans, maps, satellite data, and other forms of imagery that enhance communication and understanding of your design intent.

Extend the Value of Existing Information

  • Raster-to-vector conversion
  • Clean raster drawings and image
  • Rubbersheeting
  • Tonal adjustment
  • Optical character recognition
  • Raster data analysis - represent and analyze DEMs and multispectral satellite imagery
  • Support for geospatial image formats
  • Georeferencing of raster images

Fields of use: GIS, Civil engineering, geodesy, utilities, urban planning, etc.