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Autodesk ReCap

ReCap is Autodesk application for editing and visualizing 3D data from laser scans. 

While a photography lets you capture the real world in a 2D representation, a laser scan lets you capture the real world in 3D representation. You can think of it kind like a 3D photograph. The typical representation of this 3D photograph is a point cloud. These clouds are comprised millions of colored points in precise 3D space. ReCap processes these massive data sets and provides the ability to aggregate, enhance, clean, and organize the data and prepare it for use in other Autodesk products.

Create high-resolution, detailed 3D models from source photos with ReCap’s online application. From aerial drones flying GoPro cameras to digital SLRs to smartphones, use any camera to document your physical project. Photo on ReCap 360 can stitch photos and turn them into a 3D mesh or point cloud, creating a high-resolution, textured model that can be imported into other Autodesk software.

Create accurate 3D models with reality capture

  • Import CAD geometry
  • Scan-to-mesh
  • Combine UAV and laser scan data
  • Automatically register laser scans
  • View and edit point clouds
  • Intelligent cleanup
  • Mark up and tag model
  • 3D models, orthoimages from photos
  • Photo-to-3D
  • Geolocation/GPS & scaling

Fields of use: GIS, Civil engineering, geodesy, utilities, urban planning, architecture, etc.

Autodesk ReCap demo video